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Angry Birds Space Online

Angry Birds Space will launch simultaneously on iOS and Android, Mac and PC, animation, merchandise, and book publishing on March 22. The game hits the appstores with 60 puzzling levels, new Angry Birds characters, new superpowers, and new gameplay.

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Angry Birds

Angry Farm gets 80 new levels and BB7 compatibility in latest update

Angry farm has been updated again bringing the game up to v1.1.26. The team at Smarter Apps has been hard at work, and this release gives you 80 new levels to play for a total of 200! Available for $4.99, Angry Farm is compatible with most BlackBerry smartphones, including the new BlackBerry 7 devices (Bold 9900/30, Torch 9810, 9850/60). So go grab your update and help the angry animals fight back to clear the farm of marauding foxes.

Angry Birds’ Slingshot-Toting Board Game In Eight Exciting Images

Earlier this year we heard about the Angry Birds' board game from Mattel. Then we had a chance to see the game in action at CES. Now we've noticed that it's for sale over on Amazon for $20. And there are PICTURES!

Angry Birds Real Life

Watch real life Angry Birds fly through the sky near Barcelona, T-Mobile advertisement brings Angry Birds to life and made an advertisement featuring your favorite furious fowls as you’ve never seen them before, complete with exploding pigs. The video shows a rather impressive real life setup just like you would expect to see in the game and players use a phone hooked up to a huge screen to fling the birds………..

Whether you’re a fan of knocking over pigs and structures by flinging birds or go berserk when you hear the Angry Birds theme music, you have to admit that the popularity of what was originally a simple iOS game it pretty amazing. Now T-Mobile is capitalizing on Angry Birds fever with a clever YouTube video titled Angry Birds Live. A human-scaled mockup of theAngry Birds world was created in a square in Barcelona, with lucky participants using the game on a smartphone to launch birds on their castle-smashing journey. It includes authentic sounds effects and exploding pigs, and was obviously popular judging from the size of the crowd that appears. The ad isn’t iPhone-specific, noting that T-Mobile has the widest range of smartphones, but the carrier does sell the iPhone outside of the U.S. and the game got its start on iOS. The ad is carefully scripted and incorporates computer effects, but it gives you an idea of what Angry Birds might be like in the real world and it will be easier than playing with the board game and plush toys.

Watch the "Real" Angry Birds Fly At This Chinese Theme Park

Remember that bigger-than-life Angry Birds attraction in China we told you about? Here's a look at it in action. The attraction is located in an amusement park in China's Hunan Province.

Not just any real-life Angry Birds game, this one can be found in a real theme park. Players basically fire plush birds into foam blocks in an attempt to knock them all down. Continue reading for a video. 

Angry Birds Rio

Is this Play Angry Birds 2 ?

Rovio Mobile has teased a new reveal in the Angry Birds franchise.

Earlier this week screenshots of what appeared to be a new Angry Birds game appeared at German DW:TV that featured a widescreen ratio and highly detailed backgrounds.

Producer Harro Grönberg told that it won't be "too long" before the project is revealed.

"But regarding the screenshots: all is revealed in due time! Shouldn't take too long," he said.

It's tough to really glean any new information about "Angry Birds 2," since the screens give little away. There are no new birds or block-types visible, and the ever-present slingshot remains in place. Hard to imagine that Rovio would mess with the formula too much in the sequel, though we would hope there's something more interesting than high-rez backgrounds in store.

As for the Valentines update to "Angry Birds Seasons," you can expect it on or around February 14. No word yet on whether there will be a charge, or whether the levels will unlock over time, as they did with the Christmas installment.

Angry Birds was first released on iPhone in late 2009 and has since been ported to iPad, Android, PSN and PC.

Home Sheep Home May Have Been Nominated for a BAFTA, But It’s Just Too Thin to Win

Home Sheep Home, you're no Angry Birds—at least not when it comes to value. You may be a handsome, amusing diversion for the iPhone and iPod touch, but there's just not enough of your sheepish, physics-based puzzle solving to go around.

Home Sheep Home, based on Aardman's Shaun the Sheep and an online Flash game of the same name, recently graduated to iOS game status. The goal, if you're not one of the millions who have already played the game online, is to guide a trio of sheep from the left side of the screen to its right.

Those three sheep—Shaun, Timmy and Shirley—each sport a different size, shape and weight. Using them to knock down bridges, cross obstacles or leap over platforms of various heights requires some thoughtful puzzle-solving. Who's the best sheep to push a plank across a gap? The hefty Shirley. Who's best at burrowing through a tiny tunnel? The wee Timmy.

Choosing which sheep to use when and accurately control him or her with touchscreen controls is where the enjoyment of Home Sheep Home comes in.

Sadly, this iOS game is too short-lived to recommend. Even at the standard bite-sized asking price of 99 cents, Home Sheep Home offers little more than 30 minutes worth of gameplay over the course of its meager 15 levels. Sure, some puzzles may briefly confound you for a few minutes or more, but many can be quickly solved in 60 seconds or less.

Home Sheep Home is handsome and sharply produced. I can recommend it for its adorable art style and inventive physics-based gameplay. But know that you're getting the thinnest of games for your dollar, iPhone users.

Perhaps you'd simply be better served playing the free version online and finding your barnyard thrills elsewhere.

Lady Gaga Pairs with… FarmVille?

You read that right, ladies… Lady Gaga will be partnering with the uber-popular online game FarmVille beginning May 17. Shocking!

According to an email I received today, FarmVille (temporarily re-named “GagaVille”) will offer unique Lady Gaga content, including the chance to unlock exclusive tracks on her new album, “Born This Way.” FarmVille players will also be able to purchase Lady Gaga-themed items, like a motorcycle-riding sheep and cool costumes for individual avatars.

As a fan of both FarmVille — I admit I’m hopelessly addicted — and a fan of Lady Gaga, I think this is a match made in heaven, though it is a bit unusual… what do you think?

Play free games online Lady Gaga here..

Play Angry Birds

Here you cand find the famous Angry Birds game now online in the PC version, the same as the mobile version. All you need to do is to catapult these birds into the construction and must destroy it. Be strong and pass as many levels as you like. In this cu

Mouse - To interact....

Play Angry Birds game

Angry Birds Online or you can play more Free Angry Birds

Angry Birds Seasons updated on all platforms

Easter Eggs for Angry Birds Seasons

Just in time for Easter, it's a grand old egg bonanza for Angry Birds Seasons! We have updated the game on all platforms with 15 new springtime levels.
You can download or update the game in all appstores for iOS, Android, Symbian^3 and Palm WebOS.

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Angry Birds walkthrough for theme 6 levels 10-15

Video Angry Birds Walkthrough for Theme 6- Levels 6-10:

Angry Birds Walkthrough for Theme 6 Levels 6-10:

Angry Birds Walkthrough for Theme 6-Levels 1-5:

Angry Birds Walkthrough for Theme 6 Levels 1-5:


Video Angry Birds

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Here at Angry Birds Online Game. we are all fanatics of the great Angry Birds Game. We created this blogspot so we fanatics can gather and talk about our favorite game. We will also be posting the latest info and updates about the game as well as info on the genius's behind it all Rovio. Maybe they will come out with a new addiction for us! We will also be posting guides and angry birds walkthrough,Angry Birds News to help you on your journey of conquering pigs and finding eggs.Welcome and have fun today !

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